By the end of the XIX century, Rapallo assists to the end of its decline (begun in the early 1800s, when from being an important Capitanato was downgraded to simple town) with its economical rebirth. Rapallo “fin de siècle” is now an important turistic site, chosen by very important people from all over Europe. Most of the Hotels are built in this period, thank also to the massive contribute of foreign tourists. Among the first VIP choosing Rapallo for their holidays, we have the German philosopher Nietzsche, the Marshal Molte, Franz Listz, Guy de Maupassant, Lord Carnavon, Leonora Duse, pricess Luisa from Sassonia and her husband Enrico Toselli, Sam benelli and in 1910 also Price Augusto Guglielmo and the US president Theodore Roosvelt spend some of their time in Rapallo.

In this contest, and precisely in 1903, Hotel Astoria, together with the other hotels in Liberty style, was built in the street named now Via Gramsci, but which was known as Palm street (also said oranges street due to the wonderful plants decoring it still in present days) located in the most luxurious area of Rapallo.

Given the name Astoria during the Fascism period, the hotel has always been active and frequented, according to the different historical periods. Completely renovated by a rich owner in the early ‘80s, becoming g one of the most luxurious hotel of the period and gaining the 4 stars it is still classified with.

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"Great people, nice views and wonderful experience"

"Great personnel: we arrived on rainy day with red meteo alert, but we felt the warmth of all the staff. Welcoming and helpful - always with a nice smile on the face. Hotel is very clean and rooms are spacious with a very nice view over the gulf..."
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